First Interlude: Desperation X Confession

It was supposed to be a normal day where Rayn Forge was walking to school with his childhood friend Ameilia Skye.

It’s a surprise how they still haven’t gone out with each other considering how long they had been together.

Despite all the encouragemnt from his friends, Rayn just couldn’t risk it. He felt that if he was too greedy he will lose everything.

With that thought, he felt contempt with just having be able to stay beside her and have a great time as just childhood friends.

“What are you spacing out for, Rayn?”, Ameilia questioned Rayn with a pouting face full of worry.

[Kuhh, she is too cute.. and too close!]

“N-no, it’s nothing.. i was just wondering what i should get for my little sister’s birthday next week.” Rayn blushed while thinking up an excuse. Luckily his sister’s birthday was just around the corner so it was a flawless excuse.

“Oh right! It’s Miki’s brithday soon! I know! Let’s think it up together and maybe we can go buy it tomorrow!”

“R-really?! I mean yes! Let’s go! But is it okay? Doesn’t your family have plans every weekends?”

“It’s alright I think. And.. I’d rather stay with you though..” Ameilia started to mumble as she was saying the last bit so Rayn couldn’t catch it well.

“Eh? What di you just say?”

“N-nothing! Anyways let’s hurry up! The bell’s gonna ring anytime soon!”

And so they dashed towards the school building which was just a few meters away. When suddenly, Rayn bumped into something that was rushing out of the alleyway.

“Ouch what was that?” Rayn wondered as he got up and dusted himself.

In front of him was a girl wearing weird clothings. He lended a hand for her to stand back up but it seems it was unnecessary.

The girl had jet black hair, red eyes and coverwd in a pitch black robe.

“I-i’m sorry for crashing into you just now but-” Rayn’s apology was suddenly cut short when the girl said,”It’s already too late, the end is nigh,” the girl said as she looked up at the sky as if something might happen any second.

Rayn wondered what she meant when suddenly the ground started to tremble.

Rayn quickly grabbed Ameilia, afraid any harm would come to her.

“Wh-whats going on?”

Earthquakes were very rare occurences in this town. After all the science and technology that had advanced, it was already possible to stop earthquakes.

“It has come.” As the mysterious girl said that, Rayn and Ameilia looked at the direction where the girl was facing. That moment ‘it’ appeared.

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